The first time you watch Unbuttoned’s new video for Bedroom Fall, you’ll probably be wondering, “What on earth?” And you are absolutely right, the video is out of this world. Literally. As the video starts, you hear what sounds like the waves of spaceships touching down on earth, with visuals of shadows swaying back and forth on a textured grey surface. On sync, and ever so gracefully, the band then fiercely sets Bedroom Fall in motion.

On the first track from the Toronto band’s upcoming album, Liquid, Unbuttoned stretches the confines of normality. Bedroom Fall is an extraterrestrial exploration of desire and carnality. The composition, lighting, foggy textures, and eccentric sounds combine to make an intoxicating representation of queerness. With intense passion, Unbuttoned furiously prances about, whipping their heads back and forth as they hum the song’s chorus. The video flashes between visuals of an audience dancing, then staring blankly as the band continues to jam on without a care.

Sonically, Bedroom Fall combines experimental rock and electric soul to create an otherworldly masterpiece.

Check out Unbuttoned’s Bedroom Fall below.

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