Toronto newcomer Ejji Smith just released his debut single Get It On with an accompanying video for the optimistic cut. With a touch of light psychedelic-rock dipped in the setting sun, Smith croons with smooth vocals and groovy guitar riffs. In this Max Voss’ vintage-inspired video, Smith and friends show off their moves in a barn without the burden of life bearing down on them. For the single, Smith gave us some insight into his ode to life:

“Work, making things happen, doing what you love, making love, having fun, getting along and being content with whatever state of mind or condition you may be experiencing as a human. Knowing that you can get through it – that everything will be alright. And if you already got things going on for you, knowing that you can sustain that momentum. Get it on to get it on in order to keep getting it on — The song is an ode to Life.”

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