Following his “Someday Somewhere” EP, London based Mura Masa returns with Love For That, and it is perfection. With help from UK wonder Shura and her tender vocals, it’s a beautiful song about falling out of love, and trying to stay in it. With the strings, flute, and marimba that Mura Masa played himself, there’s a playfulness present despite the less than cheerful lyrics. Here’s what Mura Masa had to say about the song:

“‘Love For That’ is a sort of lament on falling in and staying in love for the wrong reasons. Shura is so easy to work with: we just sat in her room for hours chain-smoking and talking about all sorts of things, and somehow this is the track that came out of it. It’s the first single from the album I’m working on, and I hope it sets a really nice tone for what’s to come.”


Mura Masa’s production is phenomenal and organic. And the climatic live instrumentation bit is to die for. Unfortunately, Love For That is only a taste of his forthcoming album, set for next summer. Until then, Shura’s debut will be out early 2016. We’re hoping these two work together again.

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Image Credit: musicake