Johnny Kills is made up of brothers Tim (guitars, vox) and Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings (bass, keys, vox), plus spiritual brother Cameron Gipp (guitars, vox), and joined on record here by Fin S. Woolfson. The Brighton/London/York-based trio follow up a couple demos with their killer debut, Let’s Talk About Me.

In this short but chaotic debut, the boys snap with hysterical and jagged teeth at those who spend entire nights talking about themselves, not letting yourself or others get a word in. Employing a violent growl of scuzzy guitars and drums that set fire to skyscrapers, Let’s Talk About Me is a maelstrom of jackals. Jackals that chew on the mangled crossbones of these vacuous shells of hyenas wrapped in the skin of maggots, who perpetually vomit word diarrhea. They talk talk talk and never fucking listen, but Johnny Kills is here to make them listen and leave their ears ringing with crimson fury.

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