Charlotte Mallory and Finn Munro are the London-based duo behind the alternative R&B sounds of RIVRS. Following the success of their banger Bad Karma, they dropped Man of My Dreams.

“‘Man of My Dreams’ was something we wrote in Berlin on a keyboard in a flat we were staying in owned by an opera singer. It’s about thinking you’ve found a guy that’s perfect for you but for one reason or another you don’t think you can be enough for them.”

Falling in love is an intense and frightening experience. Like an onslaught of penetrating delicious music, this divine creature becomes the center of your world. But it’s an imperfect world. A world of insecurities furrowed in the crater of bottomless nothing. These insecurities fill your precious lungs with bloodcurdling screams like hymns from a marauder. Man of My Dreams is inspired by these feelings. Mallory’s voice flutters and moans through Munro’s slick soundscape of bubbling bass and notes that bloom with a liquid lust that becomes tangled in the breath of a sultry flame.

Listen below and spin RIVRS new The Berlin Mixtape.

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