The smooth and sultry R&B singer just released Say It Again, the first single off of her new EP. Building off of the success of H.E.R. Volume 1, she’s back for an encore with H.E.R. Volume 2.

On Say It Again, the enigmatic songstress relays her growing impatience in dealing with not just the physical, but emotional distance in a relationship with a transparency that makes her mysterious image seem almost ironic. Her raw and assertive lyrics juxtapose with her gentle voice and emphasize that she’s not here to play games.

Time to turn
What you been asking
Into actions
I won’t say it again
I won’t say it again

The velvety background vocals and relaxed, almost hypnotic beat, lets the purity of her voice and words shine through the dark allusion of this love melodrama.

It’s the kind of cool, calm slow jam you’d want to play to unwind at the end of the night when it’s just you and a glass of wine. With a soothing voice that balms over melodic, contemporary beats, H.E.R. has got something new to bring to the R&B scene. Be on the lookout for the release of H.E.R. Volume 2.

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