Ahead of their sophomore EP, Orange County trio RÓSA have released the first single titled, Without You.

A barrage of 80’s-inflected synths and percussion lend way to singer Will Winters’ breathy vocals that croon with an incense of languish. A myriad of elements coalesces to create this endless, devouring ocean of yearning. We wait with eyes shut and ears plugged while the drone of sorrow blossoms into desolation. It’s a screaming madness that picks at your toenails with the restless bite of a vulture. “I’m afraid of love without you/ I just couldn’t feel without you,” sings a trembling Winters during the infectious hook that soars and dances with flaming heartbeats. Each unloved and helpless beat heavy and aflame in the dying night.

RÓSA’s Wasteful EP is due out June 30.

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