Your Face is the latest cut from Bells and Robes (Luke Sipka and Dean Spaniol) and one that the Atlanta duo didn’t intend on releasing, but after some feedback from friends and fellow musicians, they let it loose into the world. It also finds them lending their voices to the single, which is a first, as well as doing some beat-boxing that was run through a guitar amp.

Inspired by a beautiful girl that they saw at a show, Your Face feels like a wondrous flight through the jazz-inflected cosmos. Keys and the gleam of chimes dazzle behind vibrant percussion and the eternal scent of her brilliant face. The sky opens, the azure folds, the atmosphere is illuminated. Ennui eviscerated. Despair plunges into nothingness. Melodious flesh with a rippling allure, full smouldering chestnut hair, inviting eyes that burn with volcanic embers. Lightness will course through you and you’ll be swept into a dream state of unspeakable beauty.

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