Ben Provencial is a folk and pop singer-songwriter based out of Atlanta, Georgia and Boulder, Colorado, who began his career as a finalist in Guitar Centers Annual Singer-Songwriter Competition. Earlier this year, he released his debut EP, Love and Ghosts, featuring the single Rose.

On Rose, Provencial details a tumultuous relationship where he feels slighted and pressured to change in this folk-pop-inflected soundscape with drums that crash with fists like golden embers when he howls, “But I just can’t change babe, you’re not the needle to my thread/ And lately you’ve just been fucking with my head.” But as the warm summer air slices through the lush green grass, he comes to realize it is he who’s fucking with her head with a selfish cruelty. Upon realization, a somber piano joins Provencial as he bemoans and apologizes to his rose.

You can listen to the five track Love and Ghosts EP through Spotify.

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