Earlier this year, I premiered CNTR’s Fire and exchanged a few words with the emerging artist. Now, the London-based artist has released his new EP, There’s Something About You.

Before you arrive at the uptempo Fire, the title track opens the EP with sharp pads that stab the space with quick strikes, while keys made of liquid silver plod with urgency, and bass growls from the undertow. In the slow hurdle of this moonless night, the cold incandescence rises into lacerating shrieks that engulf like the hideous void. On Obsession, CNTR sings over skittered elements and vocals that howl from the same belly of the undertow. Bleak and cruel, the undertow belches from your dreams and her hand unravels into the cold night sky. The neurosis of Fire closes out the EP with CNTR’s phoenix-like vocals, followed by a crunchy remix of Fire that snarls with a perilous lock-jaw by Oh, The Ashes!.

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