Toronto/Wakefield, Quebec-based Chloe’s World is the new musical project from San Marina members Ryan Brownrigg, Burke Cameron, and Kyle Richardson, who have just completed their debut album. Today, I have the pleasure of premiering the trio’s first single, On A Straight Line.

The single begins as a pleasant sounding lo-fi psychedelic rock song with folk undertones that’s easy to lose yourself in with its summer groove. But upon further listen, the hazy vocals sing of a complacent cynicism. “A thousand ways to get stuck/ What is life?/ It’s in my mind/ Keep opening doors/ It’s the same, the same, same, same,” they sing with a tense dream-pop-inflected swell in the background, like a nervous symphony of whispers that reminds you that nothing matters. If you go straight long enough you’ll end up exactly where you were. We’re born alone. We live alone. We die alone.

Love your hate with On A Straight Line below and look for Chloe’s World’s debut album, Sympathy For The Inanimate, later this year.

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