There are those rare, unexpected, unforgettable moments where you catch the eyes of another and the ground beneath your feet opens and the world rolls in on you and swallows you. The emerging Melbourne-based producer Right-O captures this feeling of love at first sight on his latest stripped-back house single, First Time.

With dancing percussion and the driving thud of bass, First Time crosses the borders of pop with moody club banger appeal. Featuring Stacey Gardiner’s soulful vocals that permeate the space with a salacious touch, the duo dive into the ecstasy of this moment and the memories that stick – their melodious movements and the way they would twist and slink with volcanic fissure, their mysterious and provocative gaze, and the fabric of their pallid skin resting somnolently on beautiful bones.

Right-O Hits Us With A Dance-Floor Ready Guest Mix

As this cold dead winter slips away and the days get longer, bringing us back to life, Right-O blessed us with a high octane mix featuring dance cuts, remixes, and more including a selection of his own. Bump it right here.

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